Student Team

Class Registration 

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When you need assistance...

We maintain a seven person phone team daily from 7:30am - 4:30pm (except during Friday morning meetings 7:30 am - 9:30 am.) Our ADMIN takes all calls and e-mails from the queue and enters them into a call tracking system for the phone team to contact in the order received. 

We are available at:  or 425-349-6570

Who are we?

The NWRDC Student Support Team consists of 17 analysts and one Manager:

Kathy, Beth, Brandy, Bridgett, Carla, Christine, Dawn, Jeff,  Justina, Kris, Mandy,
Patty, Rosetta, Ryan, Spencer, Sue, Tamara and Terri

If you have any special training requests or concerns, please contact Kathy Bisig at: 


As a Cooperative member benefit, you are provided the complete Skyward Student Information System.  This is a dynamic suite of easy-to-use software tools that support all district staff in their efforts to provide sustained student success.

For a full listing of available products, click here:  NWRDC Cooperative Support Products 20-21.